Laundromats Brisbane

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Looking for a Laundromats Brisbane? There’s an All Fresh Laundry Near You.

Get your washing done when you want at our Laundromats Brisbane. All Fresh Laundry Laundromats are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can find us at 14 easily accessible locations across Brisbane, the Gold Coast and now in Southlands Mawson ACT.

Laundromats Brisbane

With pristine cleanliness, All Fresh Laundry provides all the facilities necessary to get your washing done quickly and with minimal fuss. All laundromats are cleaned daily giving you a relaxed and enjoyable experience knowing that your items will come out sparkly clean. If you are short on time, we also provide express washing machines so you can get your washing load done in less than 25 minutes at our laundromats Brisbane.

All Fresh Laundry provide a variety of sizes of Dexter and/or Speed Queen commercial machines so that large and bulky items such as doonas, curtains and blankets can be cleaned with ease at our laundromats Brisbane.

There is no need to bring your laundry soap to our laundromats Brisbane as all laundromats have soap dispensers that take $1 and $2 coins, as well as our washing and drying machines. Please note that Beenleigh and Murrumba Downs require coins, as they do not have a change machine. 

All Fresh Laundry laundromats provide extra-large gas powered dryers taking so that your washing load will be dry in 30 minutes.  With 14 locations around Brisbane, Gold Coast and Southlands Mawson ACT, there’s every chance of one nearby. Our Laundromats are open 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  Dryers are from $1 per 7minutes and Washes from $4-6 depending on Laundromat Location.

We look forward to helping you have a fast, clean and comfortable wash at our laundromats Brisbane when you next visit All Fresh Laundry Laundromats around the country.