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  • Shop 6, 15 Mawson Pl, Southlands Shopping Centre

Southlands Laundromat – Where you can do a weeks washing in under an hour

The Southlands Laundromat is open from 5.30am through to 9.00pm 365 days per year, located in the Southlands Shopping Centre with easy access directly from the carpark. We have washing machines from the standard 9kg through to the massive 27kg machine which is perfect for the largest doona, underlay, rugs, curtains or when you just have a lot of washing. A cycle in the washing machines will take just 24 minutes, this will save you time and money. We also have 8 large 14kg Dexter Express dryers and for the larger loads we have 4 x 23kg huge dryers. These large dryers are designed to change direction every 90 seconds ensuring a more even dry. We also have a dedicated 14kg pet bedding washing machine.

So come on down and bring those things you haven’t been able to fit in your machine and get them clean.If you don’t have time and would prefer to just get it done there is a Wash Dry Fold service is also available. In most cases if we get the laundry in the morning we can have it done by that afternoon for you. A pick up and delivery service is also available. Call Maxine on 0415 610 127